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Deep Dive into our Services

We want to help and influence the community to create an inclusive and equitable society that empowers persons with disabilities, promotes gender equality, and ensures access to essential services and opportunities.


Counseling Services

Doors of Hope provides counseling services to individuals with disabilities, particularly those who have experienced trauma, discrimination, or SGBV. Qualified counselors offer support and guidance to help beneficiaries cope with emotional challenges, build resilience, and regain their self-confidence. Through counseling, Doors of Hope aims to promote emotional well-being and mental health among persons with disabilities.


Referral Services

The organization offers referral services to help individuals with disabilities access specialized care, support, and resources beyond the scope of their programs. Doors of Hope collaborates with partner organizations, healthcare facilities, and other service providers to ensure beneficiaries receive appropriate and tailored assistance. Referral services play a crucial role in connecting persons with disabilities to a broader network of support, enhancing their overall access to essential services.


Capacity-Building Workshops

Doors of Hope conducts capacity-building workshops for healthcare providers, disability advocates, and other stakeholders. These workshops aim to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to offer inclusive and accessible SRHR services to persons with disabilities. By providing training, resources, and technical assistance, Doors of Hope fosters a more disability-inclusive approach within various sectors.

capacity training nairobi

Wrap-up of a 2day capacity building training for Nairobi County Government staff on disability mainstreaming on 21st & 22nd June 2023

Our Achievements

Machakos Sexual Harassment Policy image

Machakos Sexual Harassment Policy

Doors of Hope's involvement in formulating the Machakos Sexual Harassment Policy signifies their contribution to advocating for a safer and more respectful environment for women and persons with disabilities in the county.

Disability Inclusion in Transport image

Disability Inclusion in Transport

As a member of the working group formulating the policy on inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Transport Sector in Nairobi county, Doors of Hope has been instrumental in advocating for accessible transportation options for individuals with disabilities, promoting their mobility and independence.

Disability Standards for Politics image

Disability Standards for Politics

Doors of Hope's contribution to formulating the policy on the minimum standards of participation of Women with Disabilities in political spaces in Kenya's Kajiado county demonstrates their commitment to advancing the rights and representation of women with disabilities in the political arena.

Inclusion of Disabilities in Mainstream Schools. image

Inclusion of Disabilities in Mainstream Schools.

The organization's efforts in formulating the policy on integrating learners with disabilities into mainstream schools in Kajiado/Machakos counties between 2019 and 2022 have positively impacted the educational opportunities and experiences of students with disabilities, fostering inclusivity and diversity in schools.

Cerebral Palsy Sporting and Tree Planting Event image

Cerebral Palsy Sporting and Tree Planting Event

The successful organization and conduct of the first annual cerebral palsy sporting and tree planting event in Kajiado County showcased Doors of Hope's commitment to promoting sports, recreational activities, and environmental consciousness among persons with disabilities, promoting holistic well-being.

Covid-19 Pandemic Response image

Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Doors of Hope's provision of essential support, such as feeding 300 households in Kajiado Central and East during the Covid-19 pandemic and training 30 women on soap making and sewing skills during the same period, exemplifies their dedication to addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable communities, especially during challenging times.

What's Next


Expand Geographic Reach

Doors of Hope can consider expanding its geographic reach to reach more communities and counties within Kenya. By extending its programs and initiatives to underserved areas, the organization can have a broader impact and address the unique needs of diverse populations.


Diversify Program Offerings

To address evolving challenges and cater to a wider range of needs, Doors of Hope can consider diversifying its program offerings. This may involve introducing new initiatives, services, or projects that align with the organization's mission and vision while responding to emerging issues faced by persons with disabilities.


Long-Term Sustainability

To ensure long-term sustainability and impact, Doors of Hope can focus on developing strategies for financial stability and resource mobilization. Exploring partnerships with private sector organizations, philanthropic foundations, and government agencies can help secure funding and support for the organization's continued growth and initiatives.

Join Doors of Hope and be a catalyst for positive change. Empower lives, promote inclusion, and create lasting impact in the lives of persons with disabilities and vulnerable communities.

Empowering Lives, Creating Hope.

We work towards empowering girls, youth and people with disabilities through awareness-raising, capacity-building, service provision, research, and advocacy. We build partnerships to promote collaboration and improve the quality of life for the vulnerable in the community.

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